And last but certainly not least our final character for the week. Captain Garrett Catheridge, whom I left until the end for a reason. He is not really a main character, but he does have some kind of impact on almost every other character in the book, especially our protagonist. He stopped outside the entrance… Read More Garrett

Short stories

A couple of weeks back I posted a small excerpt from my novel each day. Each one was centered around a different key character in the book. I have been thinking this week of doing something like that in short story form. We have all seen these movies that have directors cuts. These are pieces… Read More Short stories

Novel Progress

I spent the weekend writing in a new scene to my novel. I knew that there was going to be a chapter that I would stumble on. I had never been completely happy with said chapter since first draft. It always just seemed like a way to keep the story moving from one happening to… Read More Novel Progress


As I edit my book I am mostly satisfied, a small change here a typo there. I have added a scene or two but mostly very happy. Of course editing your own book is like reading your favorite story for the hundredth time. You can quote it as well as you can quote your favorite… Read More Distance