Our character today is Kalin. He is Keysa’s sister and definitely a major player in the story (and stories to come). Kalin is definitely the hothead of the two, while Keysa is the more thoughtful one, which I hope is evident if you read both posts.

He stayed silent. He wasn’t going to satisfy his captor with responses to his antagonizing. He would just remain quiet for a while and see what he could learn about these men.

“You can’t talk or what? Maybe you have no idea what I’m saying, or maybe your kind is just stupid.”  The guard poked his spear through the bars of the cage and into his ribs with his last remark.

The poke made his ribs sting but he held in any urge to cry out.  “Huh, are you stupid little man? Is your kind just dumb savages, cause I don’t see you saying otherwise?”  The guard poked the spear in the cage at Kalin again, his mistake.

The elf-warrior reacted quickly grabbing the spear below the point and yanking it from the guard’s hands. The guard stood stunned that he had lost control over his weapon and was even more surprised when Kalin drove the butt end of the spear into his abdomen. The guard doubled over and dropped to his knees groaning. With some difficulty inside the confines of his cage Kalin got the spear turned around. He was about to drive the spearhead home when he received another crack on the head from behind. He dropped his newly acquired weapon to the ground and the soldier that had struck him slid it back out of the cage. Any more hits on the head and he thought his skull would split in two.

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