Todays character is Nia. She is a human witch that holds the role of mentor. She doesn’t spend all that much time with Keysa, but she imparts a lot of information along the way.

”Nia looked out over the camp again and nodded. “I believe we have waited long enough. I have prepared a little surprise for these humans. The sun is beginning to set and now would be a good time to spring it on them I think.”

Keysa looked puzzled. “A surprise? What kind of surprise?”

“While you were resting I put together a little distraction so that we can do what we came here for. There you are, on the hillside,” Nia said pointing her finger to their left.

Her gaze followed where Nia was pointing. She couldn’t believe what she was looking at. It seemed as if the ground itself just rose up to march against the humans. What looked like just a large pile of moving sticks and dirt started walking down the hill toward the valley floor.

“What is that?” she asked.

“A golem.” She could only watch silently as the golem lumbered awkwardly down the hill. It strolled into the edge of the human camp as if it didn’t care what happened next.

“It’ll be killed strolling into the middle of camp like that.”

“It is only sticks and mud. It has no true feelings. It’s not really alive, only animated with magic,” Nia explained.

The golem looked bizarre strolling in past the tents. The thing was huge, twice as tall as any of these men. Its mud body moved stiffly and twigs stuck out of its limbs here and there. Leaves covered its head and it had no discernible facial features except for the two rocks Nia had shoved in place for eyes.

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