And last but certainly not least our final character for the week. Captain Garrett Catheridge, whom I left until the end for a reason. He is not really a main character, but he does have some kind of impact on almost every other character in the book, especially our protagonist.

He stopped outside the entrance to the wizard’s tent and took a deep breath. This was a homesteading operation not a war party and somehow he had to remind Nahhir of that without upsetting him. He took another calming breath and went in.  Nahhir was leaning over one of several tables mixing jars of strange looking liquids. The wizard did not turn around, look back, or acknowledge his entrance in any way.

He cleared his throat loudly. “Nahhir, we need to talk.” Still the wizard did not turn around.

“What is it Captain, I’m very busy here?”

Garrett walked across the tent to stand almost directly behind Nahhir. “This is starting to get out of hand. People are getting hurt, equipment is being damaged, and you start fires and then leave them to burn.”

Now Nahhir straightened and turned to face him. “You think my defense of our people is out of hand, or the attack upon us? Which is it Captain, because you of all people should know that war is not always neat and pretty!”

Nahhir was slightly taller than he was but nowhere near as broad or muscular. He could easily best this man in a physical contest but would have to finish the job before he could cast any magic.  He wondered if Nahhir had been out of his mind when he had met the man or if it had happened some time on the journey here.

“A war? This is not a war Nahhir, and we are not a war party. We are a few soldiers, one wizard, and a lot of innocent civilians. The elves did nothing to us before we held one of their own captive.”

“I’m not sure what you might have been doing last night Captain, but in case you didn’t notice we were attacked by magic, some very powerful magic at that. The elves obviously have more power than I would have guessed and I will have to find out how to strip them of it.”

“Oh I was there Nahhir and I was a little more observant than you were. You apparently didn’t notice that it was no elf that casted that magic but a human woman.”

The wizard burst out into laughter, not just a small chuckle, but rather gut-busting laughter, and it made Garrett’s anger rise even higher, he was losing his temper. The yelling and arguing he could deal with, but he didn’t like being laughed at.

“And just what is so funny about a sorceress?”

“Captain, it is not possible for that woman to command such power. There are very few sorceresses and none of them command that much magic. The only woman who could call up a wall of fire that large would be a witch, and they are all dead.”

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