Details in the memory

I took my dogs out for a nice walk. It’s getting warmer out now, which is nice and makes are walks longer and gives me quiet time to reflect. What I thought about this morning was how good it smelled. Fresh growing grass, raked lawns, moisture on the air, and how all of these smells bring up different memories.

This blog is about my writing journey, so why am I talking about smells and memories? Because I think these are the kinds of details that need to be in a book. These are the things that help us feel for our characters, lets us relate to them. Our characters need to be fantastic, but they also need to be like us. I use these thoughts to help make my writing better. ( I hope)

One thought on “Details in the memory

  1. I agree. As a writer, we need to feel the emotion, observe and describe what we see, what we feel. You are doing a great job at that, I can imagine you walking the dog, embracing the sunlight with a smile on your face, your dog walks with confidence and freedom. What a lovely sight indeed.


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