Another try at the blurb

As I have mentioned the back cover story description is my biggest bane and I have just over 60 days to get it right. Here is another try.

   Keysa’s small world just exploded into something much larger, and she has made a decision to step out of her everyday life. 

Anger toward her  people, worry  for her home and a rash decision made when her frustration boils over has thrown a young elf into a world she could never have known existed. Just when she thought she knew it all the world has decided to show her that what she does know is very little. New places, vast knowledge along with people and creatures await her on her journey. 

Joined by her brother, a witch and a soldier they will travel to try and find a cure for a dying forest, battle a wizard, face an army and unite a people that have been separated for more than a century. 


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