1. the state of knowing everything.

    I want to talk about what I believe can be one of the worst mistakes you can make as a writer. A character that seems to know everything. He seems to know things when he didn’t see them happen, and no one told him about them. In any type of story our characters need to be realistic, even in a fantasy or superhero story. Not even a psychic could know EVERYTHING. Now I don’t think there are writers out there by the dozens writing know it all characters. But, as I have even found in my own editing, you have to be aware of this kind of thing, making sure that if you character knows a piece of information  that it has already been presented to him in some way. If you don’t catch it, you can be sure your reader will.

3 thoughts on “Omniscience

    1. I am glad you found balance. I think it’s natural for us to want our creations to have a good life.
      I struggled with giving my characters hardship as well. I learned that not every hardship has to be a life changing experience.

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  1. I’ve been writing in first person for my novel, so that really forces me to think about what my character knows versus what is actually going on around her. I’m hoping to get a sense that there’s more to the world than what she knows.


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