Just write…

This week I have seen a lot of posts on point of view, structure, character development etc. These are all good things to think about but at the same time, try not to get too bogged down on WHAT your novel is.

If you are just starting a new story, just write. Write, write write until all the words are out and you have to take a break because your fingers are tired and your mind is numb. The first draft should just be raw story and you can worry about refining it later.

I know for me I have like a movie reel in my head and this story is playing and I’m trying to get it down as fast as I can. This is ok, mistakes are ok, bad writing is ok…in your draft. Some authors will recommend at least three edits before letting anyone else even look at it. Whatever your last edit is then this should be when you can make sure your timelines are accurate, your point of view is consistent and that you’ve answered the question you asked at the start. Rough drafts should be rough. rw063_b-700x700

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