As I edit my book I am mostly satisfied, a small change here a typo there. I have added a scene or two but mostly very happy. Of course editing your own book is like reading your favorite story for the hundredth time. You can quote it as well as you can quote your favorite movie.

But I have one thing that continues to nag at me, and that’s measuring distance. For now I have long distance measured in miles, but for some reason this doesn’t seem to mesh for me. Why would elves in the forest measure things in miles? It’s a small enough issue that I’m sure most readers wouldn’t even notice but it bugs me.

Does anyone have a better distance measurement?

4 thoughts on “Distance

  1. The mile or mile equivalent (with different base measurements) has been used by many historical cultures, so I feel it is ok to slot in. Leagues has a nicer older feel to it, but again, that was generally characterised as, you guessed it, three miles. Elves in a forest might measure distance by time travelled, rather than distance on the ground, especially if they are not travelling via the ground or in remotely straight lines. Day’s march, half a day’s march (or walk etc.) is also a good way of conveying distance, if the person using the reference already knows the terrain.

    Good luck with your book, (I just went through the process to get book one out, after a lifetime of waiting!) I am impressed by your industry here, and will check out your short story!

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