Shifting focus

My short story project last week was a success. I hammered out 4300 words over the week and the story is now being edited. It will be released to the public by the end of the month.

Now it is back to editing my novel. I have set my goal date to July and I mean to keep it. I have only a few chapters to go, but these few chapters are critical. This is where everything that has been building up in the story comes to a head.

For anyone interested in being an advanced reader, there is still time for that. I hope to have a copy out to my advanced readers by the third week of June.

I think stepping back last week to work on another project was a good idea. I am getting eager to release my novel and see it finally available for all to read. I found myself hurrying through parts and maybe not having as critical of an eye as I should have. Now I can look at it fresh again and  make sure that I give readers the best story I can.

Have a great day and happy writing.

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