Writers block and self-doubt

So the ugly head of writers block is staring me straight in the face. I am at a place in my novel that I am not happy with and I know it needs to be fixed. I stare and stare at the paragraphs and…nothing. My brain says change it, but then doesn’t give me the means to do so.

Now, the second part of this. Ever since I tried to go the traditional publishing route with many many failures I have stopped my writing more than once. I coddle my story like a young child that refuse to let grow up and go out into the world. Now part of me is afraid that I am experiencing my block because I am so close to publication and my instinct to keep my creation close to me is kicking in.

I will have to break from creating for the rest of the day, hope for a good nights sleep and hope I find where my muse is hiding.

14 thoughts on “Writers block and self-doubt

  1. Ugh! I so know what you mean – and the best thing is to take a break. I feel guilty though lol! I felt exactly the same with my first novel, The 3 Little Piggies – I held onto that manuscript and left it for years at a time – but it took me 20 years to let it go and get brave enough to believe in myself and my ability to be able to tell a story that people would want to read. Go for it – don’t be shy, it’s what you’ve been working towards all this time ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Sometimes all it takes is a short break, do something else that inspires you like connect with nature or listen to music. I’m sure you’ll be back writing in no time.
    It happens to me each time I reach an advanced stage in my writing, I think it’s because we are already overcoming so many blocks within the story we start thinking backwards and forward and then backwards again. Even though you enjoy writing, I get it… it’s tiring!. So just take a break and ride the wave. You’ll be back to it I’m sure!

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      1. We’re all on the same path, you should be proud of yourself. I’m writing through a block now. I resource to either the outline or the courses. Or I grab a book to read to feel inspired. Glad I could help. I’m happy to meet someone so talented and so close to publishing.

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