The Gears Turn


The creative gears turn again. Yesterday afternoon while at the park new ideas started to spring up. Being outside can sometimes help quite a bit with the creative process. I guess I should call them new ideas, more like improvements upon my current ideas.

I think this is one of my favorite parts about writing. Your story playing in your head, the scene repeating itself over and over in a loop with slight changes to each one until you can go over the scene smoothly in your head. Then continually playing the scene, adjusting dialogue, adding a description here and there. At least this is how it happens for me.

Then the more difficult part comes. Creating a scene in my head can be easy, putting it down in words is something else all together. Making the scene just as interesting on paper as it is in my imagination. Describing what I see in my head, not too much, but not leaving anything out either.

Forward movement again on the edit. Happy writing to all!

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