Ups and Downs

I am rather excited this week as more than 100 copies of my stories are now in the hands of readers. This really is more than I expected at this stage in my writing journey. To know that my story is out there and hoping that someone reads it and enjoys it is all I need. Sure, we would all like to be able to do this for a living, and some who would like to be as popular as King, or Martin, but that’s not really my goal. I just want to know someone enjoys reading my stories as much as I enjoy writing them.

The downside is, due to a personal injury that I wont go into, it has been difficult to sit anywhere and write. I have ideas swimming in my head and I can only manage to sit for a few minutes at a time and put them down. It also means I will most likely only have short blogs if any at all. I will be fine eventually, just some muscle pain.

So, just a huge thank you to my friends and followers who have picked up my stories.


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