I’ll be me…you be you

We have all seen the thousands of posts with tips and tricks on how to get people to come to, read, and follow your blog. Now I’m not talking about the other bloggers who really just want to help out someone who might be new at this. I mean the ones that read like an infomercial, or for that matter actually ask you to pay to be a better blogger.

I am going to tell you today exactly how much of this advice I’ve taken. ZERO. I did not start this blog to make money, or to see if I could reach 50,000 followers. I started this blog to put down ideas, share some stories, and whatever other random thoughts I have. I also wanted an open, friendly forum where anyone that is interested in my thoughts and hopefully someday, my writing, can follow, and even interact with me.

So, I will just be me with my thoughts, and all I ask in return is that you be you and share yours.

Happy writing!

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