Bump in the road

I hope everyone had a good weekend! Mine turned out to be quite unproductive.

Now as authors we would all like to make some money with our craft there is no doubt. Some authors hope to be the next big thing and make millions. While that would certainly be nice, that’s not my goal. Some just want to write and put their stories out there, this is more me. So, for authors in this category, aside from any possible income, reviews are what make our world go around. Hearing what our readers think of our story, and hopefully why they enjoyed it.

Over the weekend I garnered a review on my first short story. It was not good. This review basically said my story was not worth reading. That’s saying something considering it is currently free. Now I know as much as the next guy, bad reviews are going to happen. Not everyone is going to like your work and some of those people are going to voice there opinion. But I will admit that this review threw me for a loop. It hit me kind of hard and I spent yesterday in a slump.

I have gone over the hump though and the ideas are once again spinning in my head. I have just under 30 days until my publication date for my novel and the editing continues.

Happy writing and may all your reviews be gold!

6 thoughts on “Bump in the road

  1. It’s never a good feeling when something we’ve put our blood, sweat and tears into receives negative feedback. But, we win some and we lose some. That one person’s negative opinion is subjective. 5 other people may read your work and see something completely different. Keep writing and believing in yourself. If it was constructive criticism, then use it to grow. If it was someone just being cruel, then take their negativity with a grain of salt. That’s my opinion, at least. I hope you feel better and continue to work towards your dreams! 🙂

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