Muse Fuel


Sometimes it feels like there is a fuel tank on my muse. If I sit and jot down 500 words, sure then I can go back later and do 500 more, and 500 more before bed. Slowly depleting the tank but then having some reserve for later until it refuels. But if I have a really good day and pound out 2000 words it seems as if the tank is empty then. I’ve used up all the muse fuel for a while and I have to wait for a refill before I can write again.

Monday I had a good sitting adding an entirely new scene to my novel. A fairly brilliant scene that I feel helps flesh out my MC. Although I may be a bit biased on my own craft. Then yesterday was a dry day, no new ideas, and I sat and read over a few scenes but with no spark. You may have noticed I did not post anything here as well.

Today will be better. I hope the tank is full, I need to gain some ground on this novel this week. The clock keeps ticking. Time waits for no man.

Happy writing!

3 thoughts on “Muse Fuel

  1. I get this too! With all my writing, including academic, I have a cap of around 2000 words before I start to lose my creative drive. I usually stop at this point, as I will likely just rewrite the rubbish I write when I’m burned out.

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