Happy Monday!

I had a fantastic 3 generation fathers day. I took my own son and we went to go visit my father for a while. It was a needed and pleasant visit.

I came back today to another poor review on my second short story. Left by the same person who gave me the poor review on my first story. It seems I have already acquired myself a troll.

Now, I know that bad reviews happen. You simply cannot write something that all the world will love. There are even bad reviews on Harry Potter books. I know right?! The review is harsh, and the reader apparently liked nothing about it. This person also completely missed the point of putting out a prequel short story. I wont go into the review or the reviewer themselves. It is clearly posted on Amazon and thus Goodreads and if you have a mind to, can look at it for yourself. The part that makes me suspicious is the last of it. The reader claims my story misogynistic. I can assure you that there is not one ounce of misogyny in any of my bones.

Of course this struck a nerve with me, but it quickly passed. One, I give little credit to this review other than that it will be on the internet forever. Two, on the day of the review I received twice the amount of my average sales on this story.

So, in reality, I should thank this person.

Edits continue on my novel and I am very pleased with it. I hope to gain a lot of ground this week.

Happy writing to all!

One thought on “Happy Monday!

  1. Misogyny is such a hot button topic right now, and if that review is really trying to bring you down and make you feel bad, it’s an easy word to pull out for a low blow. Unless they can back up their statement, I would see it as an act of desperation to make you look bad.

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