The Final Stretch

Hello all. I have been a little absent from my blog. I hope you will forgive me. A thank you to Nicole Horlings at Elderberry Tea for sending me a comment over the weekend which reminded me to be here.

As I said I have spent the last week or so working as diligently as I can on my editing. I have just about completed story line editing with one small edition to the plot left. I have started work on copy edits.  I spent a few days connecting with some editors and I will say I was not ready for the cost of hiring one. I know that having a good edit is critical to a story’s success, but I have been in business long enough to know how to run numbers too.

For those who may be interested, here is what I came up with. Let’s say for my 80,000 word novel, a copy edit only, will be about $3,000. I will pause here for anyone who choked on their coffee as I did…. If I assume my novel will go out at about the same rate as my current short story at the price I have decided upon(which I will not post here), I will need to sell the book for 3 years to make that money back. In which time I hope to publish at least two more books, costing another 3k each to edit. I will have at that point spent $9000 and only have made one third of that back. This is not good business.

What am I going to do then? I have already purchased some software that plugs right into Microsoft Word. So far I have been very happy with the results. After which I hope that my advanced reading team will help point out any other obvious errors.

The plus side to ebook publishing is you can correct and republish infinitely. I will eventually release the novel in paperback, but not until I am sure of that route.

If anyone is interested in the steps I have taken so far to continue on this journey under my own steam, feel free to contact me.

Happy Writing!

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