Elven poem

So I have been working on a poem…sort of. That fills in some history gaps in my elven lands for the main character.

The sky wheel forever turns

Wind blows and grasses bend

The elven lands

The clans defend

When times come hard

When the darkness grows

Threat and danger

And deep magic flows

The clans unite

Elven warriors fight

The time is right

For the queens might

When siblings born

With eyes of slate

Destined for more

A path that’s great

The best with steel

No one can match



Delivered with wrath

When she goes to war

He’ll follow her



Great defender

Deep magic sleeps

Awaits the queen

Only one can awaken

A might that’s keen





The four are one

It is the hour

Deep magic calls

The queens true power

It wasn’t enough

She wanted more

To be a god

Is what she swore

Siblings split

He wanted none

Her goal is set

She’s just one

He saves his kin

From wrongful end

Her power is stripped

And is her end

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