Debut novel makes sales!

I am happy to report sales on my debut novel. I am so excited to know that there are people out there with my big on their reading devices. A little nervous at the same time. We are our own worst critics and I always fear that someone will hate it. Or worse, hate it and make sure they tell me about it!

If you need something to read, please check out my debut fantasy novel, Beyond the Great Wood. It is available in ebook format only for the time being. Available from Goodreads and Amazon as well and Nook and Kobo.

4 thoughts on “Debut novel makes sales!

  1. There will always be good reviews and bad reviews. Even the best novels in history had them. Relax. You’ve written your heart out, invited readers to your imagination, and finally got that book published. You accomplished a feat many are to afraid to conquer.

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