Work at it

I know there are a lot of articles, blogs, etc about how much work writing a novel is. The statistic is only 20% of people with the intention of writing a book will actually every finish.

I want to talk about the work AFTER the book is written, even after publication. Now to be clear, I am talking from an indie author point of view. I do not have an agent or a traditional publisher. I don’t even have a personal assistant. That means I do all the work myself.

So, now my debt novel is out in ebook format. I spent 4 months editing, both story edits and copy edits. And if you think staring at a computer screen for 4 hours and correcting spelling and grammar is easy, you’re not ready to publish a novel. I wrote and released two short stories to open some doors up before I published the novel. In this way I could get a feel for using the ebook publishing platforms and start up my author pages, plus start building an audience and following.

Now that my novel is out, I have already rewritten the blurb twice, I have hired someone to create a new world map for me, and someone else to create a new cover for me. I will admit, the map creator sort of fell into my lap. The cover artist though I posted, sent out feelers, looked at different past work and talked about details. This was two day of work just to find someone. Then comes editing details of the cover, resubmitting approving and then I have to add it to the ebook itself. I am also starting a new promotion on the book this week. Having Amazon mark the book down 40% is the easy part. Then I have to submit the books details and links to various promotion sights, and cross my fingers it is accepted. During all of this I continue to work on book 2, blog, be active in social media, inquire on blurb and cover for book two etc.

This is a second job, whether I’m being paid or not, I am putting in a full weeks work to do the best I can to make this work. Publishing a book is not for the squeamish, the lazy or the procrastinator. I generally like to sugar coat things. I will not sugar coat this. It is not easy. If you have any doubt of whether you can do this or not, don’t.

If you are going to continue…I wish you all the luck and happy writing!

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