Research is obviously an important part of writing. There is no doubt that any nonfiction work requires research, but a good fiction author should do so as well.

Now the research I want to talk about isn’t the obvious kind. Not the sort of research to be sure what year Mustang the 427 cobra-jet engine came in.

When I’m not writing, I’m researching. Sometimes it’s just random searches about religion, places, land types etc. A lot of times when I research I come up with new story ideas as well. And in the age of information and technology this can be so helpful in creating a better more vivid story.

I don’t have a reading example, so I am going to use a movie example here. This past weekend I watched the movie Monster Trucks with the kids. This movie was supposedly set in North Dakota. I live in North Dakota, and the only thing that clued me into the location setting was the fact that the main character says it’s North Dakota. There is nothing in the setting of this movie that made me believe they were anywhere near this state.

Even if you’re using a city or location you have never been to, a little trip on google maps could make you very familiar with the area.

Here’s the difference: “Jane decided she would take the kids down to the little bookshop up the street.”

“Jane would take the kids to the Red Balloon bookshop down on Grand Ave. They always enjoyed not just the books, but the little gardens and statues out front. Jane herself always marveled at the stained glass windows.”

The difference here is that the Red Balloon bookshop is a real place in St. Paul Minnesota. Just by looking it up on google I got some more details to fill this scene out.

That’s my thought for today. Happy writing.

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