Writing Excuses

Once again there has been a little lapse in my posting. Let me assure you that if I am not posting, I am writing, and book 2 is coming along at a good pace.

Second, no, this is not a post on the excuses writers make to not write. Instead this is a post on a fantastic writer reference. As a writer, nothing is more satisfying than getting advice directly from a well established author. Now, since most well established authors probably have little or no time to filter and answer questions, I have found the next best thing.

Writing Excuses is a podcast hosted by handful of authors, Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal, Howard Tayler, and Dan Wells to name a few. At writingexcuses.com you can find the various ways to listen to this podcast.

Each episode is only 15 mins long. Easy enough to listen to when taking a break from writing. Not only have I found some great advice, some good book suggestions and just good humor. But what I also like is when they give a piece of advice and I’m like “I do that!”

Anyway, if you are an author or a writer, check out Writing Excuses, and keep on writing.

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