New Year

Christmas for me is officially over. Anyone who has family far and wide knows what I mean. Christmas at home, visit dad, visit mom, visit grandma, etc. All the visits have been done and all the presents delivered. Now it’s time to get back to work.

Not that I haven’t been working on my writing over the holidays but it has been fairly sparse. I did have a manuscript edited over the holidays and am elbow deep into going over some revisions. I am 50,000 words into book two and moving forward a bit on that.

2019 will prove to be busy, but productive in moving forward on this dream. I am completing some revisions on book one, and am planning a relaunch. I plan to finish book two and get that to market and in the fall I will be hosting my own table at our local scifi/fantasy conference to promote both books.

I wish everyone a productive and creative new year.

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