Writer Modes

I am finding it hard to keep myself in 1st draft mode. I spent so much time editing that I keep going back and rewriting, deleting, and being overall perfectionist. I keep having to tell myself, just write, write, write and worry about editing later. I am going to reset the countdown on my blog… Read More Writer Modes

Elven poem

So I have been working on a poem…sort of. That fills in some history gaps in my elven lands for the main character. The sky wheel forever turns Wind blows and grasses bend The elven lands The clans defend When times come hard When the darkness grows Threat and danger And deep magic flows The… Read More Elven poem

Worth it!

I survived 15 hours in the van with 4 kids! This was actually a great trip. The kids did really well considering how much time we spent on the road. Why am I posting this on my writing blog? Because with 15 hours, of which I only drove about 5. I jotted down all sorts… Read More Worth it!