Chapter 11

We are about halfway into the story, so I thought it was time to share another scene with you. Main characters are always running into obstacles, it’s what we do to them, but when that obstacle is a fear the we force our characters to grow. Keep in mind, this is first draft work. Rika… Read More Chapter 11

4 star review

I don’t think anything is as exhilarating as knowing someone read AND enjoyed your book. The story you so lovingly dumped your heart and soul and time into, and someone liked it. Thank you for the kind and intelligent review.


I was cruising along, whipping out the ideas on my keyboard…and now I’m stuck. I am currently working on a new character that is more than a little off. Borderline crazy actually. But not the dangerous kind of crazy. The kind where you talk to inanimate objects, whisper to yourself and trust no one. The… Read More Stuck