Chapter 11

We are about halfway into the story, so I thought it was time to share another scene with you. Main characters are always running into obstacles, it’s what we do to them, but when that obstacle is a fear the we force our characters to grow. Keep in mind, this is first draft work. Rika… Read More Chapter 11


The promotion for my short story prequel to my upcoming novel starts tomorrow. It will be free until publication of Beyond the Great Wood coming in July. There will be plenty of time grab it and get some background on the main characters. It will be available on kindle, nook and kobo.

Book Promotion

Good morning! From today until publication of my novel, my short story prequel My Familiar will be free. This story centers around my main character and was originally cut from the novel but is something I consider good backstory, it just was not necessary for the progression of the larger story. It has been well… Read More Book Promotion


Fast Gun – A Short Story gets 5 stars on Goodreads! This makes me super excited. What I want out of my writing is to share my stories and have someone, if even just one person, love them. This is the best thing that could have happened to give me a boost. Thank you.