Elven poem

So I have been working on a poem…sort of. That fills in some history gaps in my elven lands for the main character. The sky wheel forever turns Wind blows and grasses bend The elven lands The clans defend When times come hard When the darkness grows Threat and danger And deep magic flows The… Read More Elven poem


The promotion for my short story prequel to my upcoming novel starts tomorrow. It will be free until publication of Beyond the Great Wood coming in July. There will be plenty of time grab it and get some background on the main characters. It will be available on kindle, nook and kobo.

Short stories

A couple of weeks back I posted a small excerpt from my novel each day. Each one was centered around a different key character in the book. I have been thinking this week of doing something like that in short story form. We have all seen these movies that have directors cuts. These are pieces… Read More Short stories


As I edit my book I am mostly satisfied, a small change here a typo there. I have added a scene or two but mostly very happy. Of course editing your own book is like reading your favorite story for the hundredth time. You can quote it as well as you can quote your favorite… Read More Distance